"The first time I tried a Murder Point oyster, I couldn’t believe that they were grown in Alabama or in the south. The perfect briny flavor and the buttery finish just blew my mind. I could have ate all the oysters the Zirlotts were serving that day. I knew right then that I was going to serve these oysters to our guests at Fishers."

chef bill briand
Chef at Fisher's

We had your oysters Saturday night at Urban Grub in Nashville.
They were Amazing, I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job - as soon as we can buy them - can we get on your mailing list?
I would love to offer them to my catering clients.
Thanks again.
Well Done!

giovanna rosenfeld
You're Oysters

My friend just had a murder point oyster in kennebunkport maine and loved it!

Had a murder point in Maine!

Hi Guys
I just wanted to say that your oysters killed tonight at our restaurant. I was lucky to get the first 100 from Taylor before anyone else. They really are great flavorful clean oysters with a cool story. I offered them as a 7th oyster tonight verbally and sold out- the staff loved telling our guest how special they were.
Even without the story they are a great shucking oyster for my restaurant. Thanks again for your support on tweeter and keep them coming northeast.

matt morello
Elm Square Oyster Co

Many thanks to Rosa for giving us the info we needed to enjoy your incredible oyster. We went to Orange Beach for a week in early Oct and enjoyed them several times at Fishers. They are just incredible. Did not to eat the last one because I didn't want the experience to end. Ordered more than I can believe and enjoyed every one. Thank you for your hard work to produce such a unbelievably delicious oyster.

frank gardner